Opinions from Maple Elementary

Had a great visit with the 4th grade writers at Maple Elementary in Springfield yesterday. It’s enjoyable to spend time with kids who are interested, engaged, and respectful of each other. Their questions were awesome, and you know I LOVE questions!

The classes have been working on opinion writing, an important foundation for argument (make-a-case) writing. I offered a challenge, to share an opinion that they feel strongly about and to include reasons. Here’s my contribution:

Maples are the best kind of trees! They can grow huge (up to 145 feet), live long (up to 300 years), and they give us so much. In the heat of the summer their leaves provide us a cool, shady place to sit. In the fall they transform into colorful works of art. I love making helicopters from their seeds, and watching them whirl to the ground. Our world is a better place because of maple trees.

I’m looking forward to reading other opinions. Just click on the Comment area and write on!






  1. marley.s says:

    I really like reading and I think reading is really good because it helps people with there grammer and spelling and a true story can help see in a new perspective like in “the one and only ivan” you see the perspective of a gorilla who was captured with his sister as a kid and put in a crate his sister died in the crate and ivan and was raised as a normal human until he was uncontrolable and then kept in a store arcade circus as a prop for people to look at and never seen any of his own kind but it goes bankrupt and he is sent to a zoo.

  2. Gabe H says:

    I think math is the best because you learn and sometimes you have to write an answer and an equation. I think math is the best because you can learn new things. I also think math is the best because there is more than one right way to get an answer. Some people do equations, some people draw pictures or they make sense of the problem.

  3. janett says:

    The best chewing candy is gum why well because gum is chewy. And some of the types of gum is is healthy. Another reason is its not artificial flavor.Also some kids like gum and parents don’t like that much sugar for their kids. So the original gum will be the best. So its healthy for kids and adults. So that’s why gum is the best chewing candy.

  4. Italuvi.S says:

    Orchids are the best flowers. Orchids are the best flowers because of their amazing shapes and colors. Some Orchids have more than three colors. Also, some even have colorful polka dots. Another reason, is one type of orchid grows under ground, Plus people say that it has a very beautiful smell like perfume. That’s why Orchids are the best flowers on earth.

  5. Adele.j says:

    I think that there should be writing at least 5 times a day. seriously, people! I value math and all, but writing is better for your imagination. I won’t stand for this!

  6. river c says:

    my favorite book you rout was the one about the inventor. i want to be a inventor and tech is a big part of the world.

  7. Sadie.G says:

    Dogs are the best pets in the world because they are very playful I like playful pet. My second reason that they never care if you cuddle with them. My last reason you will never regret of you having a dog or puppy.

  8. Lorenzo.G.L says:

    My Opinion is Soccer is the best game. Soccer is the best sport because I once watched a Soccer movie that is about a Legendary soccer player life and his name is Pele. In one of the parts of the movie he said (and then people called soccer the beautiful game) is what he said. So that’s why I think soccer is the best sport because it is a beautiful game.

  9. Alexander.P says:

    I think rap is the best kind of music. My first reason is that the lyrics there really good but not every rap is good some people might say that rap is bad because the cussing but there’s rap without people cussing.My second reason is the beat some beat is good some bad but everyone has there opinion I like lil pumps music because the beat,lyrics and yeah. That’s why I think rap is the best kind of music.

  10. Jocelyn M says:

    I think wolves are the best animals because they don’t harm people and wolves are very beautiful.Wolves are very curious and soft to cuddle also baby wolves are so cute because they cuddle together.that is why i think wolves are the best.

  11. seven.B says:

    I think that gum is the best candy. It is the best candy because it’s flavor is sweet. It also last a long time in your mouth.

  12. Maliya.HC says:

    portland bridges are the best.Portland bridges are the best because
    when you are driving on the bridge you can see lights. And stars when you are on the bridges you can see the water reflecting from the light and it looks cool that is why I think portland bridges are the best.

  13. isabella.g says:

    My opinion is that gum is the best thing in the world.Because it is really chewy. And it has different and good taste.

  14. Lexi.L says:

    Bananas are the best fruit. One reason is,they are very sweet. Another reason is,they are yellow…One of the best colors! Even when they are over ripe they taste good. BANANAS ARE THE BEST!

  15. Carmen R says:

    Wolves are the best kind of animal. Everyone thinks that wolves are dangerous but their not. Wolves don’t attack unless you attack first or you hurt them in any way. Wolves also help us with our river source. Also wolves are beautiful animals their fur is so soft and smooth. Thank you for taking your time to read this. -Carmen Ramirez

  16. Kimberly M. says:

    I think that dogs are better than cats. I think this because dogs a boy or girls friend and more athletic. Cats can be cute and fluffy but some cats can be lazy and sometimes athletic but mostly lazy. dogs can be fun to play with and be secured to protect your home and be a cleaning, or seeing eye,normal and cute. But I still think cats are a good pet.

  17. josiah v says:

    i think that pe is the best subject because its fun and you get to play. All these different games and you can be hyper in gym you can get.All your energy out you can run as fast as you want you can talk loud if you want.You exercise to so its healty for you dats why i like pe.

  18. brayden n says:

    i think that sharks are the best animal. Because sharks can smell blood from very far away so he can find his food. and sharks can sense electric fields so he knows there is another live thing close.and sharks have sharp teeth so when the shark bites the fish can not escape. sharks swim vary fast so they can catch his food.

  19. James.M says:

    Wolfs are the best animal in the world. it is because they are fast,fierce, and amazing animals.

  20. Emma P says:

    I think babies are the cutest thing ever.I think that because they are cute and adorable they are also very funny when they try to talk.my second reason is because you can name them what ever you want you can also play with them and cuddle them.my third reason is because mite come with hair and diffrent eye colors you can also dress them up in baby dresses and onesies.and that is why I think babies are the cutest.

  21. Emma.B says:

    Cats are the best animals in the world because they are so adorable because one reason is when there are kittens they make a cute meow and it is so cute. Second one is they are so fun to play with.

  22. jacob.j says:

    I think 6ix9ine is the best rapper.Because he doe goob music.he takes his time to edit and not just throw out song to be cool.that is why i think 6ix9ine is the best rapper

  23. Vanessa M says:

    In my opinion i think that LLamas are the best animal.
    One reason i think that LLamas are the best animal b/c there fluffy.
    Another reason is that there cute and look adorable.
    LLamas can suvive without water for 24 hours or more!
    LLamas are also used to cary things including,books,people,and pots.

  24. kayli.c says:

    I think that my visit with robert young was the best. I that because he answered are questions and he taught us about writing. He also left some of his books with us I can’t wait to read them.

  25. Jacob C says:

    I feel Seals are the best animals because they have thick fur and blabber that offers protection for freezing temperatures. They also can dive 1,000-1,300 deep when searching for food. Another thing is small seals are so cute that when your going to the zoo your going to say aww. This is why seals are the best and maybe favorite your favorite animal.

  26. Mali H says:

    I agree with you Robert! They also pravide maple surup that goes good with pancakes! Also the seeds (Heli-copters) are kind of like nature’s toy. And like you said, maple trees can grow somewhat 150-ish tall, so they do well for firewood. And that is why I agree with you! Do you like maple trees?

  27. maleena.v says:

    I think that Mrs.Howell is the best teacher because she is nice to us and she cares for us and she takes her time to talk to us she all so makes us laugh we even watch a small filme sometimes!!and that’s why i think Mrs. Howell is the best teacher.good bye

  28. samuel S says:

    Grey Wolf are the best animal. The Grey Wolf hunts in a pack and can kill things twice its size. The Grey Wolf scientific name is Lapis Lazuli which is also a very valuable ore. Grey Wolves are very active and are always hunting. Grey Wolves are very strong. They mark their territory so other wolves will leave them alone

  29. Andrea M. says:

    Why Yorkies are the best animal?

    I think Yorkies are the best dog,pet,and animal because in my opinion they are really adorable. They fit everywhere which means you can bring them everywhere like in a bag or even in teacups. In fact Yorkies can be less than 10 lb.I think they look cuter if you let their hair grow a inch or two. A Yorkie’s hair can be different colors like brown,tan,black,and probably white. They are really cute and adorable but can be very expensive. Some Yorkies can be up to 1,000! I think Yorkies are the best pet,dog, and animal.

  30. Audrey.B says:

    I think Riverbend is the best school in the world. most schools you can’t sit anywhere you want like at Maple you choose where you sit but not the table. there was no bullies like at all the other schools everyone likes everyone we all know each other. the principal would always change every time so if one was mean we get a new one the next year.

  31. Zayden H says:

    I think that football is the best sport in the world! because football can give you a lot of exercise and you could make a lot of friends and you could make a lot of money.

  32. Reilyn B says:

    In my opinion Robert Young is the best author. This is my opinion because he writes faction, and you can learn more about stuff that he writes about. I also like him because he writes about interesting topics, which engages me to read his books. Also, his titles and covers are really nice looking and interesting which also engages me to read his amazing books. In my opinion Robert Young is the best author.

  33. Leonardo V says:

    I think that horses are better than cars because with a horse you you don’t have to waste your money on gas. But you could on horse food like apples, corn, ect.

  34. Ronan H says:

    White wolves are the best type of wolves. White wolves are absolutely beautiful because their fur is snow white. They can hide in the snow to make their hunting easier. They can run while it’s snowing and it will block their prey’s line of vision of it. This is why I think white wolves are the best.

  35. Anthony R says:

    I think your books are amazing and the gum good look fun to read. because of the front covers of the book looks like it is a good book. I also think gum is the best candy because of the taste. And I learn that the gum can be plastic that is the part i like.

  36. chloe f says:

    i think kid should get payed to go to school
    because every single day exept saturday and sunday kids go to school but we never get payed yet every single day me and every school work till we sweat

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