What’s in a Name?

I carry curiosity with me wherever I go. It’s not heavy and it fits easily into my pocket, where I can take it out at a moment’s notice.

I often pull it out when visiting schools. There’s lots to wonder about when you’re at a school: the displays, the kids, the design of the building, and, of course, the school name. How did the name come about? Who named it? Is it named after a real person? Why?

Douglas Gardens Elementary is a school I visited recently. Hmmm…I wondered…Was there really a “Douglas” that the school was named for? Was it a first name, or last name? Was there really a “garden” there? What kind of garden was it?

Sharing curiosity at Douglas Gardens

There were so many questions, and so little time that I wasn’t able to get my questions answered. I’m hoping that some brave souls, willing to accept a challenge, will find out how the name came to be and share it with me, and others too. Just add your findings to the Comment section above.

This challenge goes to kids at other schools I’ve been to recently, including Maple, Thurston, Dos Rios, Walterville, Gilham, McCornack, and Malabon. And don’t think you fifth graders at Willagillespie are free from the challenge either! Where did your name come from?

Good luck in your search!





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