Moving Targets

Moving Targets

Growing up isn’t easy. For eleven-year-old David Jennings, moving to a new town makes it even harder. He does his best to make friends, but the best he can do is a small group led by the town bully, who gets thrills picking on kids and abusing animals. David reluctantly follows until events force him to consider actions that could change – or end – his life. This is a timeless middle grade story about the classic topics of bullying and growing up.

5th graders at Lundy Elementary School in Lowell, Oregon:
“Moving Targets has good words, great details, and I like how it is kind-of like an everyday life story.” Kaitlyn

“…and it leaves you thinking what could happen if you become friends with a bully.” Aidden

“David is a very relatable character that a lot of us can see in ourselves.” Fisher

Price – $7.95 + shipping

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