What happens when a book you self-published sells out all the copies and a publisher finds out about the book and asks to publish it? You say “Yes!” and feel grateful. Here’s the new, improved Passage, with all updated illustrations and cover as well as text revisions. Feedback has been excellent about how this book engages kids in learning about the Lewis and Clark journey.

“In Passage, history comes alive in an accurate and interactive way that helps make learning fun.” Debbie Wilson/Lewis & Clark National Park Association

Price – $7.95 + shipping

Want it signed? To whom?

SPECIAL OFFER TO TEACHERS: Order one copy of the book and receive unlimited copying rights for your classroom. This gives you the opportunity to make class sets of the book, year after year.

Price – $19.95 + shipping

Want it signed? To whom?


  1. Can I still order some of these books? I need about 20 for a homeschool classroom in Oregon. I teach a Lewis and Clark program. Loved this book when it first came out…now I’m teaching it again.

    • areswhy says:

      I wish, Karen. Unfortunately, the last of the books went to Fort Clatsop this summer. I didn’t even keep a copy for myself!!
      If, however, you might be interested in some books about A.C. Gilbert, the Salem-born greatest toymaker in our history (among other things: Olympic champion, magician, inventor, the man who “saved” Christmas), let me know. The books come with a multi-subject activities as sell as a Readers’ Theater script.

      Keep up the great work you are doing!

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