While We Wait

So, the way things operate in the world of publishing is that you work, work, work, on a book, then you research to determine which publishers would be the best fit for your finished treasure, and finally you send it off with high hopes of receiving a letter/e-mail of acceptance. The problem is, it takes time to hear back from publishers: weeks at the earliest, more likely months. Most of the time, to be honest, you never hear anything at all.

So, what do you do while you’re waiting? At first, you might glow in the aftermath of finishing a project you have worked on for a long time. I enjoy the relief of being done, but that doesn’t last too long. While I wait, I keep track of other manuscripts (there are several) I’ve sent out and figure out where I’ll be sending them next. If I don’t hear back from a publisher within a year, I assume they’re not interested so I send the manuscript elsewhere. And yes, I’ll send it to more than one place at a time.

What do I do then, while I’m waiting? I wash the car and weed the garden. I walk the dog and ride my bike. I read. A lot. I paint the handrail on my porch. I visit my ninety-six year old mother and reminisce about times long ago. I talk to friends, old and new. I travel.

This summer I visited Ireland, a country I’ve never been to, and one I’d like to revisit. It’s beautiful countryside, rich history, and friendly people have made it one of my favorite places. Travel brings new experiences and can often lead to book ideas.


Trim Castle, completed in the 13th century, and used in the filming of “Braveheart.”


And, of course, while I’m waiting I’m writing. Not necessarily my next project, but some kind of writing. Maybe a letter or e-mail, maybe a review of a place I went or a business I used. It might be a memory or recollection, or just jotting down words that sound good together.

That’s what I do when I’m waiting. Lots of things, especially writing. It’s good to remember the things I don’t send to a publisher can never be rejected and can always be enjoyed.



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