In my book Friends of the Wolf I make a case for preserving and protecting wolves. I use reasoning and evidence to help make my case. I include an opposing viewpoint, and address it. My goal in writing this was to get readers to accept my viewpoint, not necessarily to agree or to do anything about it (although I did include practical suggestions for what they can do if they do agree).

Writing that uses reasoning and evidence for the purpose of having readers accept a viewpoint is known as Argument writing. I call it Make A Case writing. Persuasive writing is a close cousin, but it uses more opinion and emotion and its goal is to have readers actively agree with the viewpoint or to do something.

What is a view that you have for which you could make a case? Here are some examples:

We should not have to wear masks in school.

Everyone should be vaccinated. 

Football is dangerous and should not be played in high school.

I should be able to stay up later at night. 

We should be able to chew gum in class.

Math is the best subject.

Dogs (or cats or rabbits or ???) make the best pets.

I invite you to click on the Comments tab above and write a statement for which you could make a case. Extra points *** for those who actually make their cases here. It’s a great way to get your writing out for others to see. Remember, reasoning and evidence.

I will be reading a responding to all. Have fun!






  1. Robert says:

    I think that 5th grad should learn up to 13 count by’s.

  2. Nels Daeges says:

    Some bugs, like wasps, should go extinct. -Nels

  3. colton says:

    Tacos are good

  4. Ada says:

    There should be a bathroom for non-binary people, and no one should be judged for it.-Ada

  5. Silas says:

    Red Pandas should not be experiencing extinction

  6. Anonymous says:

    Everyone should wear what they want at school. -Audri

  7. Zavier Bergeron says:

    School should be 2 hours because it’s too stressful.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Medicine should be free for everyone, because if you need a pill to survive, you’re just paying for your life.
    – Anneke

  9. Moira says:

    We should help all animals’ from going extinct. -Moira

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think that we shouldn’t spit groups up with genders. -Addy

  11. Elijah says:

    We all should stop making pollution really bad. People are putting too much pollution in the air, water, ground, and other places.

  12. Austyn says:

    My case is that things should be cheaper so people can buy what they need.

  13. Olive says:

    All cultures should have equal opportunities and chances.

  14. colton says:

    There should be no homework

  15. leland says:

    My case, is that we could wear hat at school

  16. Abi says:

    Everyone should have equal rights.

  17. Sherrene Kulm says:

    All internet and cell service should be free. -Sherrene

  18. Duke says:

    Hey Robert, do you think that kids should have homework? I think they should to keep the brain sharp over time and not get dull without any homework. Another reason is when I was in 3rd grade when I was doing homework i thought that one-thwoths was what one-half was but I learned by doing homework! so leave your opinion under this comment please 🙂

  19. Zoe Harr says:

    Health Care should be available to everyone, but unnecessary and optional surgeries like plastic surgeries should have to be paid for.

  20. Parker says:

    i should have a snake because they are my favorite animal but my dad hates them

  21. connor says:

    Students should not have homework because we have school 6 hours a day mainly learning about math,science,health and more but we don’t need to get tortured working at home.

  22. Parker says:

    i should have a phone!

  23. Andrew says:

    We should let pandas go extinct.

  24. Robert Young says:

    Here’s some ideas from Ms. Klym’s 5th graders at Page Elementary in Springfield:

    We should not dump garbage in the ocean. Merrick

    Rehab for many things should be free because people need help and sometimes can’t afford it. Emmy

    We should not allow animal testing. Brooklynn

    We should not wear masks in school. Sophia

    Plastic should not be used. It never goes away. Nevaeh

    School needs to start at 10am. Graison

    If you cut a tree down, you need to plant 5 in its Place. Henri​

    Recycling centers should be in every city and fully funded. Elizabeth

    Teachers need to be paid more. Graison

    There should more task forces for kidnap victims. So many people go missing and are not found. Leland

    Police reform should happen in all cities. Ali

    Homeless shelters should be built to accommodate everyone Emmy

    Thanks for contributing, and I hope you will be making a case using evidence and reasoning for the ideas you shared. I’d love to read them. RY

  25. Rosie and Henry says:

    Pandas should NOT go extinct.

  26. Morgan says:

    Everyone should have a dog.

  27. Olivia says:

    Monsters are real.

  28. Bailee says:

    People should not have prejudice (racism).

  29. Connor says:

    Native Americans should be recognized and protected.

  30. Taymond says:

    People should stop invading animals’ natural environments.

  31. Andrew says:

    All baseball and softball is boring.

  32. Neal says:

    I should be able to skip school when I want.

  33. Kellan says:

    All ages should be allowed to play football in school.

  34. Nora says:

    Little brothers should not be pests all the time.

  35. Sydney says:

    Everyone should own a horse.

  36. Liam says:

    Scientists should bring do-do birds back.

  37. Kylie says:

    I should be allowed to have as many Corgis as I want.

  38. Matt says:

    The ocean should not have trash in it.

  39. Bailee says:

    Wooly mammoths should stay extinct.

  40. Bentley says:

    Polar bears should be saved.

  41. Anonymous says:

    School is stressful.

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