The Magic of A.C. Gilbert

The Magic of A.C. Gilbert

You don’t have to look far for interesting topics. Alfred Carlton (A.C.) Gilbert was born in Salem, Oregon, about 60 miles from where I live. I knew nothing about him until I took my fourth grade class on a field trip to A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village, a hands-on museum, in Salem. There I started learning about this fascinating guy. The inventor of the Erector Set (a building kit that I had as a kid), A.C. was also a magician, Olympic champion, master toymaker, and “The Man Who Saved Christmas.” What a perfect topic for a book!

“Great young person’s biography of the man who created the first Erector Set.” Barry Lane/Discover Writing

“High quality, well written and beautifully illustrated.”  Erectorfan/Amazon

“A choice pick for younger readers who want to pick up a bit of history. Recommended.”   Midwest Book Review

Price – $7.95 + shipping

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  1. Paul McGrath says:

    I belong to A.C.Gilbert Club. Would like three of Magic books. what would three plus shipping come to $$$ Paul 7l6-649-0495…leave message, I will mail check immediately…happy holidays.

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